Section Staff

Audrey Castreje
Section Director
Ben Murray
Referee Administrator
Bruce Bennett
Section Asst. Referee Administrator
Jeff Thiesen
Section Asst. Referee Administrator
Rob Pennoyer
Section Asst. Referee Administrator
Rick Sedivy
Section Referee Director of Instruction
Jim Cowart
Director of Referee Assessment and Mentoring
Section Referee Mentor
Bruce Bricks
John Castreje
Section CVPA/Section Scheduler
Todd Taylor
EXTRA Administrator
Jim Dynda
Web Administrator
Laurie Florow
VIP Administrator
Scott Rose
Section Auditor
David Halverson
Section Management Administrator
Ben Leathers
Matrix Director
Mel Mann
Section EXPO Administrator
Carlos Alcaino
Tournament Director
Gary Negrete
Competitive Programs Director
Gary Van Otten
Section Coach Director
Quan Pham
Asst Section Coach Admin
Hannah Shepherd
Section Coach Director of Instruction
Grant Heywood
Co-Section Coach Dir of Development
William Worden
Co-Section Coach Dir of Development
Arlene Petokas
Section Secretary
Lu Ann Song
Section Events Coordinator

Area Directors

Area E Director Dave Matewosian
Area K Director Alan Gandall
Area L Director Doug Cirbo
Area Q Director Vince Rodriguez
Area R Director Cruzanne Conrique
Area S Director Steve Minton
Area V Director Stephanie McDonald
Area Z Director Marc Mazzone